The Chemical Corridor


Alabama plays a leading role in the national chemical industry. With the availability of skilled labor, excellent logistics and infrastructure-rich available plate sites, Washington County and its surrounding region that is Coastal Alabama is an ideal location for chemical companies.

The U.S. depends on production from Alabama for chemicals including oxidants, light stabilizers, emissions catalysts and chlorine. The Region has a significant pipeline and support network that enables timely production and shipment by land, air, or sea.

A host of international chemical companies, including BASF, Olin Corporation, Huntsman, and Tate & Lyle operate significant facilities in Washington County.  Nearly one-third of the 25 chemical companies along the 60-mile corridor are located in our county.

Alabama has a development plan to ensure chemical production and its economic impact continues to grow. Five Alabama colleges have top-ranked undergraduate and graduate programs in chemical engineering. With more than 10,000 people employed in the chemical industry across the state, graduates can take advantage of a wealth of opportunities. Additionally, the Alabama Department of Commerce and AIDT have created re-tuned workforce programs to prepare workers for the challenges that lie ahead.

This attention and specialization has made chemicals a top Alabama export. The industry continues to attract new companies, create more jobs and generate more revenue for the state’s growing GDP.